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Trident Capital Advisors manages capital for individuals and businesses.    Trident specializes in designing and managing custom portfolios that are tailored to the client’s objectives.

Most money managers don’t have the ability to develop and manage custom portfolios.   Their firm limits what they can provide, usually to some house funds.   Most the money managers at the biggest firms have never picked a stock.   Their firms refer to them as “asset gatherers.”  They collect funds and allocate them to the house’s funds.

Trident represents no interests other than our clients.   


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Trident’s senior team has over two decades experience in money management, at the highest level.  Find out how our experience can help you.




Trident represents no interests other than our clients.   And we build custom portfolios, designed to  beat the market.  

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Triumph Capital Partners

For wealth management, life event planning, retirement planning, and estate planning, Triumph can help you meet or beat your objectives.   Custom portfolios are designed with your input and participation.   Then you get to monitor and watch your capital working for you, not merely with monthly statements.    Triumph’s clients can monitor their portfolio in real time.   See your money working for each day, with Triumph Capital Partners. 

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